Amplifying Local Fundraisers

Several regions across South East Asia, including India, Nepal, Pakistan, etc. where a vast portion of individuals live below the poverty line are going through a ferocio

us surge of COVID 19. Entire communities are faced with an impending loss of lives and livelihoods, malnutrition, displacement and a myriad of several other compounding factors. Aside from its cost on health and medical infrastructure, the pandemic has extracted a huge economic and humanitarian cost that is unfathomable. The preparedness and response toward countries like India in the months and weeks to come will play a huge role in determining the outcome of the pandemic

“It is exceptionally important that countries like India lead the way and show the world what can be done and do as they have done before and show that aggressive, sustained public health action from the community right through from the Head of State can have a profound effect on the trajectory and the outcome of this pandemic.”

  • Michael J Ryan, Executive Director, WHO Health Emergencies Programme

The IWG stands in solidarity with India and other adversely affected countries across the South East Asia region and understands the dire need to come forward and make a difference. Since the onset of the surge, multiple social enterprises, startups and platforms have silently been making efforts to assist vulnerable communities, frontline health workers and patients by way of fundraising. 

The South East Asia Regional Team needs your help in giving to communities that have been severely affected by the pandemic. IWG SEAR has collated verified fundraisers across key thematic areas that you may consider donating to below

We want to be transparent in our process of choosing these organisations and fundraisers. As such, all of the fundraising campaigns: 

  1. Are run by national and international non-government organisations and/or apolitical social enterprises 
  2. Are run by organisations formally registered under the law of the country they operate in with relevant documentation, bank account and a registered office
  3. Have a web presence with frequent verified donors
  4. Accept Forign Donations (FCRA Certified in case of organisations specific to India)
  5. Are not affiliated with extremist activist/religious groups
  6. Have an established track record within the immediate communities they serve and are transparent in sharing annual reports that can be accessed in the public domain

Before donating, you can learn about our internal process, inclusion and exclusion criteria(s) for organisations and fundraisers here

NOTE: New Organisations across thematic areas will be added on a rolling basis, check back here for updates

Every donation makes a difference and no amount is small enough. We hope you will consider donating to the following organisations and/or fundraisers:

Note: Donation links will redirect to third-party websites.

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