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Towards Health for All: Community Health Workers as stewards of Health 

Organization and management of Service Delivery in Urban Primary Health Care Settings are a critical component of improving health coverage and outcome. Thailand, Bangladesh, and Ethiopia have made significant strides in enhancing primary health care by improving the urban health system. Dr Ambulai Johnson and Dr Sudipta Ghoshal, IWG Blog 2022 In 2018, the Astana […]

Shadow Pandemic: Women’s Health in the Time of COVID-19

Our countries could not be more different across cultures, income-levels, geopolitical situations, as well as health system capacities, yet we find similarities in issues close to our heart, around women and children’s health within our countries.” Dr Sevil Hakimi and Dr Laura Neenan, IWG Blog 2022 The COVID-19 pandemic continues to overwhelm health systems both […]

The Climate Catastrophe is not Looming, It’s Already Here: The 2022 Floods in Pakistan

This flood exposed the weaknesses of past infrastructure, leadership, and governance structures and approaches, as well as of resource planning, allocation, and implementation. It has opened up a window of opportunity for incorporating transparent systems and policy processes for disaster management, and to proactively plan for the climate crisis to ensure that climate action and […]

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