IWG: Mission, Vision, and Values

Our organizational mandates were collaboratively developed to represent our shared vision, mission, and values. Because we come from all over the world, and represent so many different identities, philosophies, and cultures, we continue to be intentional about cherishing our unique perspectives to draw out a path that we could all identify with.

Our Mission: To unite the next generation of changemakers to imagine and co-create equitable and sustainable solutions for local and global health systems strengthening.

Our Vision: A world where emerging voices are included and feel empowered to re-imagine health systems that work for all.

Our Values: Collaboration; Continuous Learning; Respect for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Innovation; Accountability; Transparency; and Empowerment

Mountain Top, France

Collaboration: To invest in the power of working together with members of various professions, backgrounds, and identities to maintain a climate of mutual respect and shared values.

Continuous Learning: To commit to continuous learning and education and knowledge sharing across generations, and to create ethical educational situations based on truth and goodness.

Respect for diversity, equity and equality: To value and embrace the multiple identities we all hold, and to treat everyone in a fair and equal manner, while acknowledging unique individual needs and differences.

Innovation: To identify and push for creativity and innovative thinking at all levels of the organization, and to develop models that redefine excellence, question conventionality, and improve health systems performance.

Integrity: To be honest, ethical, and truthful all the way regardless of circumstances, and to keep our word, deliver on our promises, and acknowledge our mistakes.

Accountability: To be reliable and responsible to each other and to the people and partnerships within and outside the network, and to follow through on the promises we make and respect each other’s time and efforts.

Transparency: To openly communicate and share information with others, and to find the strength in our vulnerabilities to create a space where everyone can show up as their most authentic selves.

Empowerment: To ensure that each and every member at the IWG has the freedom and power to think and act as independent and empowered individuals, and to make sure that each person has the space and tools to achieve optimum results; to leave no one behind. 

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