(Un)Masked: Short Film on Mental Health during the Pandemic

For World Mental Health Day 2021, the IWG Region of Americas launched an IWG original short film on global mental health. The film will be followed by a policy position paper to advocate for stronger mental health systems reform.

(Un)Masked is narrated from the perspective of 33 people across the world, exploring the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic on their mental health. Over 1,000 minutes of content was crafted into this short film that transcends the traditional silos of age, gender, geography, and demographics to capture the varied, yet universal, effects of the pandemic. Through this, it uncovers our collective vision for stronger mental health systems that work for all– not just for some.

Watch the film here, and tag us on social media with #UnMasked and #WorldMentalHealthDay to share your thoughts, feedback, and follow-up remarks.

A world with stronger mental health systems is not beyond our reach; it is time for us to stand united, voice our demands, and take action. Together, we can.


One response to “(Un)Masked: Short Film on Mental Health during the Pandemic”

  1. We can overcome this when we all stand united and fight the pandemic together.


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