The IWG united to form a Special Committee for India’s COVID-19 Relief Efforts to support and respond to the crises in the South East Asia Region, currently focusing on the evolving crises in India and Nepal (and neighboring countries as we expand scope). This group aligns with two specific pillars of IWG’s 3-Pillar Structure: Knowledge Sharing and Advocacy.

The Committee has four main work streams: Infographic Series; Amplifying Local Fundraisers; Digital Mental Health Toolkit for Frontline Workers; and a Special Edition of ‘The Unprecedented Times.’

Many of the initiatives are done in collaboration with local and global partners in line with IWG’s mandates to leverage strategic partnerships and promote the vision of a world where health systems work for all.

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Knowledge sharing through the use of informative infographics on a variety of topics relating to the COVID-19 crises in India and its neighboring states.
Collating and amplifying the reach of verified local organisations with fundraisers to support COVID-19 relief efforts.
A digital toolkit that offers a range of resources, information and guidance centered on mental health and well-being that can be used in times of crisis by frontline workers.

Special edition of The Unprecedented Times that (i) amplifies personal narratives of individuals in different organisations on the ground to highlight their work and experience, (ii) boost traffic to organizational fundraising efforts.