IWG’s Strategic Goals: The 3-Pillar Structure

The IWG’s efforts are centered on a 3-Pillar Structure, focusing on Advocacy, Knowledge Sharing, and Research.

Sustainable Development Goal 17 focuses on “partnerships for the goals” and underscores the need to: “Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.” SDG 17 promotes cross-sector and cross-country collaboration in pursuit of all SDGs by the year 2030. 

As the IWG Board and Organizational Development Committee rallied to determine the strategic goals of this collaborative, we found that SDG 17 is a valuable goal to align ourselves with. 

As emerging global health leaders, we bring a unique perspective as co-creators of knowledge production and dissemination, however the voices of early career professionals in global health are largely lacking in high-level discussions and decision-making. Thus, the IWG hopes to be a global sounding board, meant to reflect back the thoughts, perspectives, and ideas of emerging global health leaders. 

Through strategic partnerships, the IWG will have 3 core pillars upon which our work and initiatives rest: Advocacy, Knowledge Sharing, and Research.

Advocacy: Multi-sectoral and interdisciplinary collaboration within and beyond the IWG.

Knowledge Sharing: Strengthening the capacities of IWG members internally and of emerging global health professionals externally by sharing knowledge on various fronts and through various modes.

Research: Efforts within and across the group to conduct research on pressing global health issues.