Global Lecture Series


Global Thematic Areas: Leadership and Governance, Environment and Planetary Health, Non-Communicable Diseases

Join us for the Global Lecture Series 2022-24 as we explore the most pressing global health issues. Our three thematic areas of focus – Leadership and Governance, Environment and Planetary Health, and Non-Communicable Diseases – are aimed at bringing together diverse perspectives and breaking down traditional silos to drive progress in public health.

Our dynamic series will feature thought-provoking conversations with leading experts from around the world. We’ll explore innovative solutions, share new research, and highlight best practices for improving health outcomes globally. We believe that by looking at these critical issues through a fresh and collaborative lens, we can drive real change in the world of public health. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to engage with a growing movement of committed actors invested in contributing to the future of global health.

Team Leads:

Marali Singaraju and Sabreen Abeedallah

Upcoming Events:

Climate Action through a Rights-Based Approach | May 19 @ 12 pm UTC

Our Work: 2022-24

IWG Global Lecture Series

Topic: Voices from Palestine: Status of Women’s Health

Speaker(s): Dr Ayesha AlRifai & Dr Duha Shellah

IWG Global Lecture Series

Topic: Climate Action through a Rights-Based Approach

Speaker(s): Mr Benjamin Schachter, Ms Selma Bichbich, Mr Lian Zeitz


Global Thematic Areas: Health Systems Readiness and Responsiveness, Health Equity, and Global Knowledge Sharing

COVID-19 has disproportionately affected certain groups over others, threatening potentially devastating and unintended consequences for already vulnerable health systems. However, the pandemic also presents an opportunity for us to re-imagine health systems that work for all, not just for some.

In 2020-21, each IWG regional team hosted a global lecture session covering themes relevant to that particular region. During these sessions, we were joined by local experts, academics, community leaders, and practitioners to tackle issues spanning from local community responses to international structures of policy, process, and power. Each GLS session was followed by breakout groups and discussions that all attendees can be a part of.

Team Leads:

Laura Haywood and Ghiwa Nasser Eddine

Upcoming Events:

Our Work: 2020-22

IWG EUR Global Lecture Series

Topic: How will we build back better?

Speaker(s): Professor Martin McKee

IWG EMR Global Lecture Series

Topic: Re-imagining health systems in the Eastern Mediterranean Region: A Call for Action

Speaker(s): Dr Fadi El-jaradali, Mr Jad Bitar, Dr Rowaida Al-Maaitah, Dr Shehla Zaidi

IWG AFR Global Lecture Series

Topic: Community Action Networks and Boundary Spanning in Health Systems

Speaker(s): Dr Leanne Brady, Dr Nadia Mayman De Grass, Dr Pamela Silwana

IWG AMR Global Lecture Series

Topic: Health Systems Capacity and Governance: Shaping the COVID-19 Response Across the Americas

Speaker(s): Mr Patricio Marquez, Dr Marcia Castro, Dr Jennifer Nuzzo

IWG SEAR Global Lecture Series

Topic: Health Equity in the SDG era: Perspectives from South East Asia

Speaker(s): Mr Antonio Bonito, Dr Sohana Shafique, Dr Devaki Nambiar

IWG WPR Global Lecture Series

Topic: Food and Nutrition Security: Reimagining responses to Health Emergencies

Speaker(s): Dr Cecelia S Acuin, Mr Daniel G Salunga

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