Who we are

The IWG is a global collaborative of emerging leaders committed to meaningful health systems reform.

The group was initially conceptualized by students at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Health Systems Division, but has since evolved into an independent global collective of emerging public health professionals across the world. These innovators and strategic thinkers have built this organization up with unparalleled dedication and passion to the shared goal they all hold close to heart. Through global and regional collaborations, the IWG works to rally the next generation of public health thinkers toward strengthening health systems at different levels of action.

Our group consists of six regional hubs — African Region (AFR), Region of Americas (AMR), Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR), European Region (EUR), South East Asia Region (SEAR), and Western Pacific Region (WPR). These six regional teams are connected by a global steering committee, the IWG Board, that oversees the organization with two representatives from each region leading the group forward. Further, we have internal working groups that run within and across regions to work on a multitude of administrative and thematic topics relevant to global and local health systems strengthening. Learn more about our team here!