“At the intersection of historical, social, economic, and racial injustices, the COVID-19 pandemic lifted a smokescreen to reveal our collective inability to address entrenched decay in global public health ecosystems. Global vaccine inequity is the canary in this coalmine, driven by colonial-era socio-economic and political orders. Whether the argument is ethical, economic, or epidemiological, we need to rise above vaccine injustice, if we are to be liberated from this pandemic.

As young professionals in health, we’re at a critical juncture, caught in the middle of geopolitical power-plays that test the noble ideals of equity and justice. We are uniquely positioned to hold leadership to higher standards and urge them to rebuild the broken systems we are inheriting, and to be directly involved in the process of re-imagining and shaping the future of these systems.” – Another Code Red for Humanity: Global Vaccine Inequity, PLoS Global Health Blog

At the IWG, we are currently working on three main initiatives to support global vaccine equity advocacy efforts.