Mental Health and Well-being for Frontline Workers: Digital Toolkit

The ‘Mental Health and Well-being for Frontline Workers: Digital Toolkit’ was developed by the International Working Group for Health Systems Strengthening (IWG), in collaboration with the India SOS COVID-19 Taskforce. This toolkit serves as a template that can be leveraged through local partnerships to adapt to local contexts and needs in India and broadly in the South East Asia Region against the backdrop of the evolving COVID-19 crises. The toolkit serves as a starting point to a wider discussion and opportunity for collaboration to develop a digital tool that offers a range of resources, information and guidance that can be used in times of crisis by healthcare workers. It is intended to meet the needs of frontline workers who are getting emotionally stretched and exhausted during the increasing crisis in India and other neighboring countries in a compassionate and informed way to improve self care and promote mental wellbeing and sustainability.

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