Aid for LGBTQIA Communities


About: Founded in 1999 in Bangalore. It also has an office in Hassan, karnataka. Sangama has decided to support economically weak sex workers, sexual minorities and transgender persons across 10 districts of Karnataka with nutritional supplements in order to build their immunity given the impact of Covid-19. We plan to support at least 1000 every month. Each nutritional supplement kit costs INR 250. For 1000 people for the next 10 months, this would cost INR 25 lakhs. With your support, they hope to be able to reach out to one of the most ignored sections of Indian society. And while we cannot do everything, if you pitch in, we will at least ensure they see through this period of grave uncertainty.


Ways to donate: Debit and Credit Cards/ Net Banking/ Cheques/ UPI

Currencies accepted: USD, INR

Parivar Bay Area

About: Parivar Bay Area is a US-based SITAL, so far, has supported Hijra communities in Rajasthan, Nagaland, Kashmir, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka in India. The Save Indian Trans ALLINDIA Lives (SITAL) operations team identifiy as Trans Hijra Women and non-binary Folx. They are effectively managing the operations, distributions and mobilizing communities, educating about COVID prevention ways. The chair for SITAL is Rachana Mudraboyina, a legendary Trans activist based in Hyderabad who has worked with Hijra Trans communities for over two decades across India. Her primary focus is on driving operations, leading teams, working with communities and its leaders, Anjali Rimi is the president of ParivarBayArea working to drive the framework of the initiative, develop strategic relationships and fundraise for the effort. Our own community has Doctors, nurses and social workers within our community are part of distribution and outreach efforts. 


Ways to donate: PayPal, Debit and Credit Cards, Direct Bank Transfer

Currencies accepted: USD

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