IWG Fireside Chat: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

As emerging public health professionals there is no time like now to have an on-the-ground lesson on the importance of investing in and strengthening health systems. We are working and living through the greatest global public health challenge we have seen in our careers to date. The COVID-19 pandemic is all consuming, but other key challenges have not paused, they also continue: antimicrobial resistance, inequity, social injustice, conflicts and forced displacement, noncommunicable diseases and unhealthy lifestyles, climate change and environmental pollution are all still immediate and very real concerns. In December, the IWG hosted an event with Dr Kabir Sheikh (Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research), Dr. Rene Loewenson (Training and Research Support Center, Zimbabwe), and Dr. Roopa Dhatt (Women in Global Health) to better understand what makes a good leader in health systems. Reflections on this event can be found below, and is available for download by clicking the arrow on the top-right of document. To stay up to date with this and more, be sure to subscribe!

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